Sports day fun

It was a great day of mixed emotions for all who attended the Achievement Center Sports Day in George Town.

The day started with the marching of colours, followed by a field demonstration from each house. Balloons were released marking ten years of its opening and awards were given to three students for raising the most money for the recently successful walk-a-thon put on by the PTA board. Jamaica Bodden, first prize winner raised over $2,100, second was Antwone Frederick and third was Shayla Foster.

The games began as youngsters ages 1-4 years old showed their athletic skills as spectators cheered them on.

Activities consisted of bean bag throw, flat race, water race, shoes race and relays. It was a pleasure watching the little ones part taking in these event and their triumph body expression at the finish lines.

Ultimately, all the kids were winners as they all got to shine on the podium when Kate Marnoch (head of Early Childhood) and Adora (School Principal) presented the kids with their well deserved ribbons.

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