Studio space available for artists

Artists are now able to use Watler House at Pedro St. James as a space in which to work on their art.

Effective 2 April, 2009, the Visual Arts Society opened up its Watler House studio space for members to use every Thursday from 9am to 1pm.

Board Director of the Visual Arts Society, Dora Williams, sent an email to members of the Society on Thursday, 19 March announcing the change.

The use of this facility will cost $5 for each session. This cost will cover the use of refreshments on site. During the sessions no art instruction will be given.

Members will have full use of the tables and easels inside the studio, and can also go outside painting ‘en plein air’ in the grounds of Pedro provided they wear the name badge (which will be provided by the Visual Arts Society) showing that they are members. This name badge has to be returned to the Society at the end of each day.

Katja Elverdal is the Head of the open studio space committee. She will be opening the facilities and make sure that members sign in and pay the fees.

The only other rule that applies is the request by the Society’s board to leave the Watler House in clean condition when finished.

For questions about the new procedures and to inform the Society in advance of when you will be using the space, email Ms Elverdal at [email protected].

The Visual Arts Society is made and run by volunteers and operates with the motto ‘Art is for Everyone’, from the hobbyist to the professional.