Tiger’s cubs

Tiger Woods called it his greatest achievement. And he wasn’t even holding a golf club.

Next door to the public course where he played golf as a kid, a few miles from the middle-class home where Woods grew up in Southern California, he cut the ribbon three years ago on his $25 million Tiger Woods Learning Center.

There is a driving range behind the 35,000 sq ft building, and now about 100 kids show up each Saturday for a golf clinic.

Woods, however, remains more interested in what goes on inside the center.

‘I want kids to be able to have a better life because of their brain and their intelligence and their ability to use that to help others,’ Woods said. ‘And if they want to play golf, then sure, we have the means to help them through our foundation.

Woods is expected to top $1 billion in career income sometime this year. And no, he hasn’t had an adverse reaction to his knee surgery. That was an April Fool!