Red Cross hooked up

As part of its commitment to keeping people and organizations connected and ensuring timely and accurate dissemination of information during emergencies, Brac Informatics Centre is providing the Cayman Islands Red Cross with a powerful tool to enhance its disaster management programme.

For almost 50 years, the Red Cross has been helping the Cayman Islands stay prepared for hurricanes and other natural disasters and with BIC’s MobileCONNECT system can now access the latest in crisis communication technology.

With the use of MobileCONNECT, the Red Cross gains a dependable, efficient means of keeping the public informed of the latest developments during hurricane season through their cell phones.

Jondo Obi, Director of the Cayman Islands Red Cross, explains the significance of employing MobileCONNECT to the organisation’s work.

‘During hurricane season, not only does the Red Cross need to ensure the public is well prepared for any possible disaster, but we must maintain vital communication links to the community before, during and after the passing of a storm,’ Ms Obi notes.

‘With MobileCONNECT, we can quickly send out alert messages containing updates and vital information, which can make all the difference to the public, especially if normal lines of communication cease to function properly.’

The emergency messaging system provides a direct two-way communication channel through users’ cell phones and enables organisations and individuals to easily send group text messages through their computers or mobile device.

BIC President Nancy Kirkconnell Ewing points out that MobileCONNECT is ideal to satisfy the critical communication demands of an organisation like the Red Cross. ‘The system is designed to provide a fast, reliable means of communication in any emergency situation, where timely dissemination of information is vital.

‘To ensure the uninterrupted operation of the system, MobileCONNECT is hosted on secure infrastructure at Brac Informatic’s disaster recovery centre.’

Mrs Kirkconnell Ewing added: ‘We are proud to be able to support the Red Cross in its disaster management efforts and help assist in keeping the people of the Cayman Islands informed during emergencies.’

For more information on MobileCONNECT and the entire range of data and disaster-recovery solutions that BIC offers, please call 948 2722 or visit their website at