Prison situation is appalling

I am appalled at the response and denial of laxities of supervision at HMS Prison.

How can the commissioner of corrections and rehab compare the ‘prisoners’ to ‘pupils’ in a classroom’?

Our young students have rights and privileges that prisoners should not!

I think there needs to be a serious reality check with our entire handling system of all prisoners. After all, they are not law abiding citizens and should be seen as such, at all times of their incarceration period.

While there should be rewards for cooperative behaviour, there should never be complacencies within their supervision.

As Mr. Rattary’s analogy of pupils, even our classrooms are limited to numbers and space control (yes, for supervision and productivity purposes).

Do you think the teachers (with law abiding individuals as students) could be accountable in a 200 acre classroom, while he/she is occupied with his/her own project?

So, just how in the dickens can the system turn even one prisoner loose, unsupervised, and then deny responsibility?

And by the way, are the two prison officers trained in horticulture there to supervise or do they actually busy themselves with farming? Were two officers actually there at the farm during the entire time, on the day in question?

If one can disappear for a period of time, what else can they do at this farm?

Of course, it’s a puzzle, and I suppose, somehow, it wasn’t the prisoner’s fault either!

Unfortunately, the ostrich strikes again!

Just my view!

Thanks for allowing it!

Bridget McPartland