Power saver cuts energy wastage

Homes and businesses in Cayman are being offered a new electricity-saving device which its distributors say can cut power bills by as much as 25 per cent.

The KVAR system has already been on island for about seven months and is installed in eight homes.

Service Solutions Group and Complete Services Group have secured distribution rights for the system, which is contained in a small grey metal box beside to a home or business’s panel box.

Jack Turbeville, a senior consultant for the US-based KVAR Power Saver and Surge Protection Systems, demonstrated how it worked to contractors and other businessmen in Cayman last week.

One residential user, Quatro Hatch, has KVAR installed in two of his properties and said he was experiencing a 15 per cent reduction in his electricity bills.

Neil Carle of Service Solutions Group and Dean Heyne of Complete Services Group installed the system in their own homes so they could see the savings first hand before offering it to the public, they said.

‘We started installing these about seven months ago and have put them in eight residences,’ said Mr. Carle, adding that his own home had seen a saving of 25 per cent on electricity bills.

The team visited some companies last week to determine what size systems would be needed.

The system works on inductive appliances and equipment, such as air conditioners, heat pumps, fridges, water pumps and all types of electric motors.

Non-productive current flows through the wiring of homes and businesses, coming into motors of inductive machinery and dissipating in the form of heat, causing losses through the power system.

The makers of KVAR claim that the system optimises the power that comes into a motor, both increasing the lifespan of the motor and equipment and reducing the amount of wasted power and thus lowering electricity bills.

‘Most people have 10 different motors in their house. We have seen savings of 25 per cent in some homes. I’ve got one in my house and saved 46 per cent,’ Mr. Turbeville said.

He added that due to the relatively high cost of electricity in Cayman compared to the United States, the potential savings on power bills would be higher and the return on investment faster here.

KVAR also works with generators, Mr. Turberville assured those who attended the demonstration of the equipment on Wednesday, 15 April.

Asked about the lifespan of individual KVAR systems, Mr. Turbeville said of the 83,000 systems manufactured last year, none had failed, and that a system building by its inventor, Gregory Taylor in Florida 32 years ago, was still operating.

Similar systems are already available on island.