Another view on flights

For years, the available flights from South Florida to Cuba were turboprop aircraft on American or Gulfstream; with the lifting of capacity controls on flights, this could be a serious blow to Cayman Airways.

I understand the ticket prices via Grand Cayman are significantly more than those carriers, but offset by the ability to check baggage in free (two bags) plus virtually unlimited excess baggage (at a charge).

Now that American and Spirit will be able to fly with larger jets, the attractiveness of flying on Cayman Airways due the baggage restrictions will be offset by the cargo capacity available on larger jets, the cheaper prices, and the hassle that Cuban Americans receive from a less-than-receptive Owen Roberts staff (government).

This could be a serious blow to the Miami market, which is directly subsidized by the upwards of 90 passengers per departure that connect to/from Havana.

But on the bright side, maybe Cayman Airways will now give priority to Caymanian bags instead of these artificially generated’ passengers who contribute nothing to our economy other than reducing the outlandish subsidies our citizens pay.

Mark Ebanks

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