Bolt’s boosts Puma

(Jamaica Observer) Puma expects triple Olympic gold medallist Usain Bolt to continue generating huge revenue for the brand this year by boosting its visibility and sales at the World Championship in August.

‘Usain Bolt will once again be the centre of attention at the Track & Field World Championship 2009 in Berlin,’ Jochen Zeitz chairman and CEO said. ‘Bolt will defend his title as fastest man on earth, once again electrifying crowds and further strengthening Puma’s position as a top running brand.’

The annual sales of the company are up 6.4 per cent to 2.5 billion even though the company posted 13 per cent less profit at around $230 million, signifying the company’s brand strength within a global downturn.

Bolt was mentioned seven times throughout Puma’s 123-page annual report, more than any other athlete, due to his triple gold and triple record performances at the Beijing Olympics.

Bolt ran his first competitive 100 metres of the 2009 season at the 11th staging of GC Foster Classic meet in Jamaica last month.

Zeitz added: ‘The iconic images of Usain dancing across the finish line and into history – while wearing his gold Puma Theseus II spikes – has become the enduring memory of the Beijing Olympics for more than a billion of spectators.’

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