Racers shift gears

Local racers had a good time last weekend.

With two automotive meets in as many days there was plenty to get the blood pumping.

On Friday night Breakers Speedway was over-run with spectators taking their need for speed to the track in a free-for-all fun night.

The fun night was the idea of Speedway Owner Robert Campbell and his crew of organizers (including Ricky Bodden). The idea of the night was to get people to enjoy running their cars in various ways and give the typical club scene a break.

The event would see many different forms of motor sports. As expected there were drag races (via grudge matches) plus some atypical drifting and burnout competitions.

From there attention shifted over to Saturday as the Cayman Motorsports Association monthly Time Attack dexterity race got itself in gear.

Over a dozen racers came out to show their cars could handle corners in quick order at the usual spot on Jay Bodden’s property behind Progressive Distributors.

The field saw a mix of new cars and regular competitors across four divisions: Front-Wheel, Rear-Wheel, All-Wheel Drive and Unlimited.

Among the notable new machines at work was a modified black Dodge Neon SRT-4 and a race-ready Toyota Altezza.

The Neon, which has undergone much work since its Breakers glory days, did well in the straights and held its own on the corners. With its silver rims, body-kit and Tein suspension it looked and handled like a serious threat.

The Altezza, owned by CMA President Bobby Hulse, clearly had competition in mind.

With its striped interior, primer black paint and low stance the Altezza seemed at home carving the corners. With Hulse’s driving prowess behind the wheel it quickly posted solid times on the day.

On the other hand there many regulars out for the race including Gary Bromfeld in his red 1990s Acura Integra and the race-ready white Mitsubishi Mirage driven by Andy Bodden and his cousin Wayne Kirkconnell.

One of the notable happenings at the race was a pair of big breakdowns. Both Roje Williams and Gary Huggins suffered engine problems and were forced to the sidelines for much of the event.

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