Hoops action continues

Batabano festivities may be on this weekend but local hoops is still putting in work.

Division one of the Domino’s Pizza Men’s Basketball League sees a pair of games on Sunday.

At the Cayman Islands Basketball Association Court Shaolin take on Silver Bullets at 6:15pm before DHL Wolves face Colombia at 7:50pm.

All of those teams are in a serious fight for playoff positioning. Coming into this weekend Wolves were on top of the league, Colombia was a surprising third and Shaolin was right behind in fourth. Silver Bullets are on the cusp of a playoff berth in fifth place.

In addition the squads are coming off some tough games during the week. Shaolin battled league frontrunner Esso on Tuesday while Silver Bullets faced Colombia on Tuesday and Wendy’s yesterday.

The Wolves are coming off a tight 69-68 win over George Town last Sunday and Colombia (in addition to playing the Bullets) took on George Town last night.

Sunday’s match is especially tough for Silver Bullets and Colombia. The squads are coming off playing two games this week. Normally squads play twice in six days.

Sunday’s matches serve as the start of the 12th week of play in the 14 week regular season. The season’s last game is Tuesday May 12 with the playoffs starting shortly thereafter.