Junior Batabano parade celebrates kids

Impressing the crowds with their moves, costumes and smiles, local children from across Grand Cayman took to the streets of George Town last Saturday to get into the spirit of Carnival in the Junior Batabano parade.

Prospect Primary School students

Students from Prospect Primary Schools From Sand to Sea band wave to the crowds during the parade.

From vibrant costumes to choreographed – and spontaneous – dance moves, the fun never ended as the parade wound its way from the Glass House, down Shedden Road and Harbour Drive and eventually back to the Glass House.

The day also encouraged families to get together and celebrate as a Family Fun Day saw a bouncy castle, barbecues and other fun events take place on the lawn of the Glass House.

Finishing with a song competition, each parade band took to the stage for one final song to show off their costumes for the costume competition.

The song competition then took place and the first-place winner was 13-year-old Giovanni Myrie-Smith, followed by Jade Wheeler in second place and Josad Minzett in third.

Batabano continues tomorrow with the adult parade. Batabano 2009 is sponsored in part by caycompass.com.