Campbell wins big

With a wining attitude and the athletic ability to match, Scimone Campbell is a coach’s dream player.

The stats tell the real story for Campbell, who took the MVP title for the regular season in the Cayman Islands Basketball Association’s Women’s League.

Campbell earned 17 points and grabbed 7 rebounds and 5 steals per game. She also collected the MVP award for the All Star game.

Scimone was a big reason why the Bullets came second in the first annual Women’s Cup competition after the season.

Campbell’s performance is all the more remarkable as her team, the Silver Bullets, won only one game during the season. Nevertheless, she says she is proud of her team and that she could not have won the award without the help of her team-mates.

‘My team was awesome. Despite only winning one game, we never gave up,’ she said. ‘My team-mates were always enthusiastic at every game and encouraged me to persevere. Towards the end of the season, everyone showed great improvement overall.’

The 32-year-old mother of two is a teacher at Bodden Town Primary. She began playing basketball in 1994 because she, along with best friend Bobeth O’Garro, thought it would be great to learn to play a new sport.

Campbell took up her new sport at age 17, while also involved in football. In fact, she was an accomplished footballer and was at one time a member of the national team.

Lately her sporting prowess stretches beyond the court as she is a notable flag football player.

Like most players this year, Campbell did not set out to be a stat leader or win an award. She just wanted to stay fit, be a part of a team and relieve some stress along the way, she says.

But her natural ability shone through the entire season and today she is enjoying the reward of earning both titles.

‘I’ve been inactive for a bit because I was out for the previous season. I know that both teams supported me very well and we fought really hard during the season,’ she said.

Campbell said she recommends basketball to anyone thinking about taking up a sport, because it has taught her the value of teamwork, which has transferred to other areas of her life.

‘I am a much better team player at home and at work. Basketball also provides me the opportunity to go to many places I would not normally have visited. It has allowed me to experience new things and meet new people. In this stressful life, it also provides an avenue to vent.’

Silver Bullets coach Daniel Augustine (who also doubles as the men’s national team head coach) said it was a privilege coaching someone like Scimone Campbell.

‘One of her roles was to be a leader to the younger players on our team, which she did with dedication and grace,’ he said.

‘She also took over the position of point guard which was a new role for her and again her talent shone through.

‘She is a hard worker and the fact that she was a success was a testament to her efforts.’