Flu developments

Key developments on swine flu outbreaks, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, World Health Organization, and government officials:

• Deaths: 26 in Mexico and one in U.S., a toddler from Mexico who died in Texas.

• Confirmed sickened worldwide, 1,447: 802 in Mexico; 380 in U.S.; 140 in Canada; 57 in Spain; 27 in Britain; nine in Germany; six in New Zealand; five in Italy; four in Israel and France; two each in El Salvador and South Korea; one each in Austria, Costa Rica, Colombia, Denmark, Hong Kong, Ireland, the Netherlands, Portugal and Switzerland.

• U.S. confirmed cases from CDC or states: New York, 90; Texas, 40; California, 69; Massachusetts, 34; Delaware, 20; Arizona, 18; Oregon, 17; South Carolina, 15; Illinois, nine; Colorado, Louisiana, and New Jersey, seven; Florida, five; Alabama and Maryland, four; Indiana, New Mexico, Ohio, Virginia and Wisconsin, three; Connecticut, Kansas and Michigan, two; and one each in Nebraska, Iowa, Kentucky, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Idaho and Utah.

• U.S. health officials reconsider advice about closing schools because of swine flu. The government now recommends that schools with confirmed cases of swine flu close for at least two weeks.

• New York City high school that had 45 students with confirmed swine flu cases reopens.

• Mexico to allow most businesses to reopen Wednesday, universities to reopen Thursday. Mexico City cafes, museums and libraries to reopen this week; schools nationwide to reopen next week after inspections are completed.

• A plane chartered by the Mexican government lands in Shanghai, the first of several stops in China on a flight to bring 70 quarantined Mexican travelers home. China sends its own plane to retrieve Chinese nationals stranded in Mexico. Mexico also criticizes Argentina, Peru and Cuba for banning flights.

• World Health Organization says slaughtering pigs unnecessary because virus is being spread through humans; says swine herd in Canada likely infected by farmworker who returned from Mexico.