Fidel’s in good spirits

The local darts scene is hitting its critical stages.

Players are throwing their hardest to get great scores and teams are scrambling for a reputable end to their season.

Last week saw the end of the second round of the 2009 Guiness Darts league. At the end of play team Fidel’s were leading the way with a record of 16-2.

Eddie Balantyne has steadied the squad with 69 tons, two 180s and a record of 11-2 in singles matches. Mark O’Keefe has held his own with 41 tons, two 180’s and an 8-3 singles record.

Close on their heels is team Triple Crown. The squad is 15-3 and have held firm in large part due to their star power.

Cliff Weeks has been the team’s anchor with a league-leading 108 tons and a 12-2 singles mark. He has had solid help from Hank Ebanks (38 tons, three 180’s, 6-3 record) and Rodan Asuncion (55 tons and an 8-3 record).

The battle for third continues to be an interesting one. At this point Corner Pocket Regulars have the inside track at 14-4. Earl Smith has continued to be a force in local darts with 102 tons, four 180’s and a 16-1 singles record.

Smith has not done it alone as his team-mates, in particular Neville Parker (41 tons, two 180’s and a 12-1 mark), have helped shoulder the load.

However PD’s Pirates are percentage points behind at 14-4 as well. Caribbean champion Edsell Haylock has stayed in good form with 93 tons, four 180’s and a 12-3 record.

Haylock has had a solid supporting cast starring Miriam Rodriguez (12 tons, 7-7 record) and rookie sensation Richard Campbell (80 tons, 9-4 record).

For Cayman Islands Darts Association Vice President Philip Parsons certain players have made a difference in the league.

‘Eddie Balantyne and a guy from Centre Spot named Oliver have impressed. In the second round in particular Eddie shined while the new guys came on strong.’

Parsons went on to talk about some of the notable things to watch out for the rest of the season.

‘Earl and Edsell are going head-to-head for the most 180’s and Cliff has a slight lead in tons over Earl. I’ve seen a lot more 180’s this year than I’ve ever seen in my years in darts and there’s probably more to come.’

‘Spoilers, captained by Cassius Anglin, can’t seem to get on track (they are at the bottom of the league at 1-17). They have a lot of new team members and the team chemistry seems to be off.’

The league is now into its third and final round of play for the season. Games are played at 8pm every Wednesday.

The league uses six different venues in Corner Pocket, The Doghouse, Fidel Murphy’s, PD’s Pub, Triple Crown Pub and Centre Spot sports bar.

Though Fidel’s are the current frontrunners Parsons says a league title is not a foregone conclusion.

‘There is still another round to go and everything is in reach. It’s still a toss-up who will win. The title is not destined to be Fidel’s and they still are going to have to fight to be on top.

‘Fidel’s is not out of the woods yet and they certainly can’t afford to celebrate yet.’

In addition to the local league winding down, the Marjorie Bodden Memorial tournament wrapped up this week. Log on to darters.wordpress for the latest results on the tournament.