Saturday is candidates’ deadline

Saturday, 9 May, is the deadline for candidates to withdraw from the General Elections, set for Wednesday, 20 May. It is also the deadline for candidates to nominate their agents, who will be permitted to attend the polling stations and counting of the ballots.

Supervisor of Elections Kearney Gomez reminds all candidates of a provision in the Elections Law which states that a candidate may withdraw his candidature if he gives the notice in writing to the district Returning Officer. This notice must be given at least 10 clear days before Election Day.

In order to get back the $1,000 deposited on Nomination Day, the candidate must produce his receipt. All of this information is repeated in the Candidates, Agents and Observers Handbook, which was given to all candidates when they were nominated on 25 March.

Both the Election Law and the Handbook also detail the conditions for appointment of agents. A candidate may nominate two polling agents to attend at polling stations and two counting agents to attend the counting of the votes at each counting station.

The agent must be a person who is entitled to vote in the district in which the candidate has been nominated.

The agent may be appointed on behalf of more than one candidate and may be both a polling agent and a counting agent.

The Elections Law requires that each appointment be in writing, including the agent’s name and address, and be signed by the candidate.

Agents will be seated in the election polling stations so they can see and keep a record of each person who comes to vote. They cannot see how the person votes. They cannot interfere with proceedings, except to object if they believe a voter is misidentifying himself or has already voted. The Presiding Officer will question the voter accordingly.

Candidates and their agents will not be permitted in the polling stations where voters cast ballots for the Referendum.

The Elections Office, located on the second floor of the Smith Road Professional Centre, will be open until 5pm on Saturday.