Cayman Athletics grab the double

The Ernie ‘Gillie’ Seymour coached Cayman Athletics Sports Club are double champions.

They took the 2008-2009 Cayman Islands Football Association Under-13 and Under-15 FA Cup titles with a 2-0 and 3-0 score line against Future FC and Cayman Brac FC respectively last Saturday evening at the Ed Bush Stadium in West Bay.

At the start of the U13 game the Cayman Athletics team after a solid performance throughout the season were very positive going into their games from the get go. However, Future would not give up as they kept the attacking Cayman Athletics team at bay whole making their own attacks as well.

The ding dong battle continued as the animated Gillie Seymour screamed instructions to his players during crucial situations when Future threatened to score.

Future’s Coach Patrick O’Neil was just as awesome in the technical directions as he guided his players into finishing a goalless first interval.

Into the second half the results were still even at regulation time although Cayman Athletics had several near chances which were hampered by their sizes as compared to the bigger boys fielded by the Future team.

This 0-0 regulation time result after 70 minutes forced the game into extra time. This seemed to be what the Cayman Athletics players needed as with the continuous cheering from the families and supporters of the Cayman Athletics glee club the boys struck in the 79th minute with a great goal from Noel Chisholm Jr.

This was not enough for the Cayman Athletics team in a final of this calibre and four minutes later the score was 2-0 this time the scorer was Ezra McLaughlin in the 83rd minute.

Jonah Ebanks placed the icing on the cake in the in the 88th minute ending the game 3-0.

The U-15 encounter was not as difficult as the previous game as in the third minute Mathew Suberan drew first blood.

Cayman Brac went forward several times but the attack were broken up and there were no more scores in that half.

In the 64th minute Suberan netted his second goal ending the game 2-0.

The visitors who were into their second finals held their own to keep the score down in a great evening of youth football.

A delighted head coach and former national player Coach Gillie expressed his pleasure in having won the two league championships and the two back to back games in the FA Cup.

‘It feels good winning these two FA Cup finals. This is just as a result of the hard work and diligent training exhibited by these players along with the support of the parents and the die hearted supporters.’

He added: ‘I must take my hat off to the Future and Cayman Brac Coaches who propelled their players to give my teams such competition. Competitiveness is what makes it an outstanding final. This in itself is a testimony to the great youth development program we have on the islands presently.’

‘This looks promising for the future of football on the Cayman Islands and all we need now is unity and more dedicated coaches. At the semi finals Bodden Town and Future gave me a tough game. There is now light at the end of the tunnel for football in this generation bearing in mind the standard of these games.’

Mitchum Sanford the Head Coach and President of the Cayman Brac Football Association praised his team for an outstanding performance throughout the season.

‘I am very pleased with the performance s of my team at the finals and overall. Myself and the entire coaching staff did all that we could possible do to win but this did not materialize. Despite this I am satisfied with the team’s achievement.

‘Congratulations to Cayman Athletics on an absolutely outstanding year for their youth teams. They have set a standard for all clubs to strive to achieve in the coming years.’

‘I am absolutely delighted with the youth committee and CIFA for putting in place the staging of all Cayman Brac away games to be played in the Brac.

‘So successful was this partnership between CIFA and the Brac that we got a FA Cup semi final game included in the games as well.’

Sanford went on to say that the negative aspect of the competition for the season was that clubs in the Cayman Islands needed to operate as clubs and not to be run as teams if further growth and success is to be achieved in the Cayman Islands.

Cayman Athletics meets Bodden Town in the finals of the Under 17 competition on May 16 at a venue and time to be announced.