Zumba to storm Cayman

Zumba has taken the US and Canada by storm and is set to blow into the Cayman Islands this week.

Zumba, a fitness workout that combines dance, aerobics, Latin rhythms and exotic music, has gained a reputation as the workout that is actually fun.

Diane Sippel, event specialist and certified Zumba instructor, explained that Zumba is something in which everyone can participate.

‘Zumba has easy-to-follow steps, makes you strong and fit and everyone can do it – it is something for all ages, kids love it, teens love it, seniors love it,’ she said. ‘The steps can be broken down and modified for every level of coordination, age and ability. It is finally something that puts ‘fun’ into exercise.’

Ms Sippel has teamed up with Evelin Ritch and Tertius Broderick from World Gym to come to Cayman and present a week-long Zumba festival to introduce it to the island, but Ms Sippel explained that this is not her first time in Cayman.

‘I have been promoting Zumba in Cayman since I first became certified in 2003,’ she said. ‘I have demoed Zumba with Calroy at Kings Sports Centre, for the staff at the Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman, for happy hour events with Sunshine Suites … It has been a little bit of an effort convincing Cayman to dive in and take this chance without knowing how Caymanians will participate.’

However, Ms Sippel is confident that the craze will catch on here.

‘Zumba Fitness is very popular in the States. The company is used to mass-populated cities and does very well in selling out all of its training events. I have no doubts that once you see it, you will love it. Once Evelin and I linked up, we found the perfect opportunity to work together and make this happen.’

Ms Sippel has often brought Cayman percussionist Rennard Powell to the US to perform for Zumba events there, providing beats to exercise to.

Zumba involves interval training where fast and slow rhythms and resistance training are combined to tone your body and burn fat.

The festival will feature international Zumba celebrity Tanya Beardsley, an educational specialist in Zumba, who will administer the training on island.

‘Tanya is one of the finest specialists that Zumba has to offer,’ said Ms Sippel. ‘She is ready to bring the excitement to Cayman. We know Caymanians are all too familiar with a ‘storm’, but that is the effect the programme has had in the States … I call it a phenomenon.’

During the week-long event, classes will be held at the Westin Casuarina hotel, World Gym and for the Cayman National Dance Team. ‘We are happy to offer promotional classes for anyone,’ said Ms Sippel.

‘We can provide a demonstration for any corporate wellness programme, happy hour promotion; anywhere there is open space and the power for music and people to join in the party.’

For the listing of events, see This Week and Heads Up in the Get Out! section.

Registration for all events is currently open. For information, go online to www.caymotion.com or call 949-3515 for Evelin Ritch at World Gym.