Baer’s hit start

Normally a lot of luck goes into the sudden rise of a sports team.

The squad has to catch good breaks, their opponents have to be out of synch or the elements have to work in their favour.

But for Julius Baer luck was not in the equation in their rise to power.

Julius capped off a remarkable season on Monday with a convincing 16-6 victory over Maples C to take the C league title in the Winter Adult Co-ed Softball League.

The win is especially notable as Julius Baer were in their first ever season in local softball.

Coming into the final Julius had a budding rivalry with Maples. The squads finished first (9-2-1) and second (8-3-1) respectively in their leagues.

Both teams had powerful offenses with Maples scoring 120 runs on the season while Julius scored the fourth most runs in the entire co-ed league with 185 runs.

The game was not short of offense from the start. Maples came out firing and scored four runs in the top of the first inning. In the bottom half of the inning Julius batted around and rattled Maples with a plethora of big hits.

From there Julius would benefit from a group of hard hitting sluggers in Paul Ebanks, Mark Connolly and Matthew Hamlin. Ebanks got himself on base often, Connolly delivered with runners on base and Hamlin flexed his muscles by crushing a pair of balls into the night for towering home runs.

Maples C could not manage to shake off the onslaught as Julius pounded more runs in each inning.

Meanwhile Julius tightened up its defense and allowed just two runs the rest of the way.

Julius got key plays down the stretch from the likes of Matthew Wight, Jared Awe and Captain Fernando Villasin who threw a gem on the mound.

Eventually umpire Mike Noble would put the 10 run mercy rule into effect at the bottom of the fifth inning with Julius having posted 16 runs to Maples’ 6.

Team Manager Leon Schvartz had plenty to say on the team’s success.

‘Outstanding performances by every member of the team resulted in a most fitting end to the season. Everything was on display from a powerful offense and stifling defense to hard running and spot-on pitching. I’d also like to say many thanks to our fans that supported us throughout the season and were in full force for the big game.

‘Of course, no write-up would be complete without saying just how much I appreciate the effort made by each and every member of the team. The practice sessions, the late night games, and the extra effort given by each of them made it possible for the team to succeed.’

With the win Julius Baer are now promoted to the B league for next season. Maples meanwhile remain in the C league.