NCVO Appeals for Help

If you have an excess of extra clothes and shoes in your closet or need to clear out the kitchen cabinets of old pots, pans and dishware, you may be in luck.

The NCVO is currently accepting all items for use in various projects and sale in their bargain store. So if you are interested in cleaning out that old storage shed that is bursting at the seems or those children’s items that have taken over the house, you will be glad to know your generosity can help to generate funds used to benefit the many projects the NCVO supports, while giving you some space to unwind.

Items can be dropped off to the NCVO office in the Richard Arch Children Centre, which is located in the same building as Miss Nadine’s Preschool, behind the Pine’s retirement home on 90A Anthony Drive, off Smith Road. If persons are unavailable to drop off items, arrangements can be made for pick up.

Some of the projects supported by the NCVO include the Nadine Andreas Residential Foster Home; the Pine’s retirement home; the Jack and Jill Nursery and Early Learning Centre; Miss Nadine’s Pre-School; the NCVO Caring Cousins Welfare Scheme; the John R. Gray Memorial Grant.

For more information contact 949-2124 or 945-1087 or visit the NCVO website at