Dms offers employees ergonomic assessment

On Friday, May 1st employees from Cayman Islands-based business conglomerate, dms Organization Ltd., were treated to an ergonomic assessment of their office environment as well as a 10-minute desk massage, courtesy of Cayman Physiotherapy Ltd.

Office ergonomics, the practice of providing a healthy and stress-free work environment, is becoming a hot topic for businesses around the world. Cayman Physiotherapy is offering these services at a reasonable cost to local businesses that want to gauge the wellness of their employees while providing a relaxing incentive.

‘An ergonomically-sound working environment can increase productivity and the overall morale of a company’s workforce,’ said Cayman Physiotherapy Employee Matt Jeffers.

‘Our Corporate Health Initiative is designed to assess each individual employee’s particular work area and, in turn, help them to fine tune their space for optimal health and productivity.’

Other services in Cayman Physiotherapy’s Corporate Health Initiative include group seminars in self-massage and exercise programmes which can be tailored to suit various fitness levels.

‘dms understands the importance of providing a healthy working environment for its employees,’ said Vice President Krista Pell.

‘Everyday stress from the office can take its toll on an employee without their knowledge, and we have learned that there are many simple everyday solutions to correct them, such as chair and computer screen adjustments, taking breaks to stretch and drinking plenty of water. The 10-minute desk massages were certainly well received and left all of us feeling very refreshed!’

Those interested in services offered can contact Cayman Physiotherapy at 949-8828 for more information and price listings.

dms Organization is a business conglomerate engaged in the financial services, real estate and media industries.