Grace Christian Academy expands Earth Day for entire year

Grace Christian Academy is expanding its Earth Day participation into a year round program.

Students, teachers and family all pitched in for the community’s annual Earth Day clean up drive, the school also has launched an ongoing classroom project to nurture seedlings for public parks and the West Bay area.

Grace Christian Academy students

Students at Grace Christian Academy with seedlings to be planted in public parks and the West Bay area

The Botanical Gardens has donated seeds to grow teddy bear palms and mahogany. The students now are planting seeds in containers at school and will keep journals as the seeds germinate to seedling stage. They plan to donate the seedlings to community parks and other locations and over the year monitor the growth of the plants through field trips.

‘We think it is important to teach our students that caring for the environment is an ongoing responsibility,’ says Leonora Mendoza-Hydes, Principal of Grace Christian Academy. ‘As the seeds grow into trees, our students will learn so much and be actively engaged in the process. Wouldn’t it be wonderful in they could someday show their children the trees in our community that were started here at Grace Christian Academy.’

Founded in 1996, Grace Christian Academy is a unique school which promotes excellence in Christian education, community service and leadership. The school offers a full programme of education from Pre Kindergarten to Grade 12. In order to best serve the individual needs of each child, classes are limited to a maximum of fourteen students. This low student-ratio enables teachers to work in close partnership with parents to create lifelong learners who pursue and practice excellence in all aspects of their life.

Hurricane Ivan in 2004 left the school devastated and unable to continue with classes for the 2004 – 2005 school year. Since that time the school facilities have undergone major restructuring guided by a very dedicated restoration committee. The PTA of Grace Christian Academy undertakes yearly fundraising to provide computers and other necessities.

Primarily self-funded, the Grace Christian Academy is a member of the Association of Christian Schools International. It is located at 21 Crescent Close (off Boltins Ave) P.O. Box 31930, West Bay KY-1-1208 Grand Cayman. For more information call 345-945-0899, email [email protected] or visit the website at