Sick chick soup helps colds

There’s a lot of coughing, sputtering and sneezing about.

Be careful how you think about swine flu; evolution is showing us that what we think about and dwell upon can become a reality.

Others may be fighting flu type symptoms unrelated to anything other than being around little children from wee-care to high school. We love the little mites, but let’s face it; they do bring home runny noses and germs of untold activity.

Or maybe your flu-like symptoms may be associated with overwork, unrelenting pressures, lack of activity, depression and a poor diet.

Circumnavigating the germy environment has become increasingly popular, which is evidenced by the inclusion now of sanitised handy wipes at local supermarkets. Hand washing is loudly acclaimed as an important factor in controlling diseases spreading.

Staying well fed and hydrated when you feel unwell should be part and parcel of a healthy lifestyle.

Just now, there’s a pot of chicken soup lowly simmering on my stove in a restorative and preventative move to offset any germs lingering from my week of work with women in water, workouts and weight loss meetings.

There’s just something about chicken soup, even if it does take a while to make. For busy ladies on the move, email me for your free recipe – I call it Sick Chick Soup with crackers.

Men, of course, can make the move and get the recipe as well. I look forward to hearing from you. Meanwhile, here are some lifestyle tips back to help you back to wellness if you are feeling under the weather. Of course, see your physician if necessary.

*Stay at home for one to two days to help all your body’s natural defense system to work;

*Drink plenty of fluids, including water, natural and herbal teas, fruit juices, coconut water and my Sick Chick Soup;

*Take a break from physical activity for a couple of days;

*Dose yourself with effervescent forms of vitamin C three times daily;

*Let your mind accept the need to rest and leave work at work. You must rest mentally as well as physically.

Please take measures to help your family and yourself stay healthy and well – our lives depend upon it. Email [email protected] for the Sick Chick Soup recipe.