Dora Ebanks ready to lead

Independent candidate for the district of West Bay Dora Ebanks says she is ready to lead.

Ms Ebanks explained that she is deeply concerned with national issues and if elected, the people of West Bay and Grand Cayman could expect a realistic and sincere approach to governance.

The candidate said she has been actively concerned about the direction of the Cayman Islands since the 1970’s, citing the many letters she has written for various causes, as well as discussions she has participated in for change and development, as proof of her commitment to the issues.

The 50-year-old mother of three has also served the community of the Cayman Islands as a civil servant, teacher and librarian.

In addition to the experience she amassed in these roles, Ms Ebanks outlined some of her educational accomplishments. These include a bachelor’s degree in business education, as well as an associate’s degree in secretarial science and office administration.

Determined that the issues of today can be addressed only through honest and respectful dialogue, she said, ‘I feel we need to look at the situation of government spending, and one obvious and practical way we can address this is by not housing foreign prisoners.’

Ms Ebanks said she also felt that a lot of the infrastructural and maintenance work that government needed to do, could be carried out by prisoners. She said this would immediately decrease spending and free up much needed revenue.

According to the independent candidate, the standard of Cayman’s education had to be revised, surmising that the current scenario might have been caused by the large influx of foreign workers the island has seen in the past 20 years. Ms Ebanks said this was an important issue because Cayman did not consciously prepare to be developed at this rate.

As an independent candidate, Ms Ebanks said she is not pledging allegiance to any party, but rather is willing to work with all for the better of the country.

‘I am not into party politics,’ she remarked. ‘They are in the business of getting up and saying what they are going to do and I am interested in what I am asked to do by the people.’

Other issues touched on by Ms Ebanks included training Caymanians for trade jobs, such as barbers, nail technicians and hairstylists. These areas were essential to improving the national economy, she said, adding that the Island’s financial industry had benefited banks, lawyers an accountants, but the people of Cayman had not seen any real investment from this industry. This was a real case for trade schools according to Ms Ebanks.

When asked about why she had not scheduled any public meetings prior to the election, Ms Ebanks said it was a matter of style.

‘I am interested in the people and I meet and see them everyday in my district.’

Ms Ebanks’ campaign slogan is ‘Caymanians for a better Cayman,’ and people in the West Bay district can keep an eye out for new posters promoting the candidate’s run. In addition, there will be literature disseminated regarding her issues of concern.