Hoop stars to sparkle

It has been a great season of local basketball.

Teams have gotten stronger, the standings have been ultra-tight and local hoops is enjoying unprecedented exposure.

Now the best of the best get to shine this weekend via all-star festivities.

This Sunday sees the Cayman Islands Basketball Association All-Star game.

At 7:15pm the CIBA Court off Eastern Avenue will see the top 20 players from the Domino’s Pizza Men’s Basketball League.

The players will be spilt equally into two teams: Red and Blue. The team colours represent colours from the national flag.

The starting five for the Blue team sees Sandi Jiminez of team Colombia, Antonio Thompson of George Town Sports Club, Gary ‘Butcher’ McLaughlin of the DHL Wolves, Dwight O’Garro of the Wolves and Kevin Maxwell of the Esso Blazers.

Reserves for the Blue team are Vanrick Felix of team Silver Bullets, Lloyd Samuels and Jonathan Mitchell of George Town, Jerome Narcisse of team Shaolin and Rotando Thompson of Esso.

The Red team starting line-up consists of Christian Ferrer of Shaolin, Collin Anglin of Shaolin, Earl Allen of the Wolves, Samuel O’Garro of Esso and Omari Corbin of Shaolin.

Perry Levy of Esso, Jonathan Corpus of Colombia, Omar Clarke of the Wendy’s Tarheels, Deandre Simpson of the Bullets and Collin Bodden of the Bullets are the reserves.

Shaolin player and CIBA Chairman Collin Anglin stated how the all-stars were selected.

‘These persons were selected based on statistics in this year’s league. The top four players were selected for each of the following positions: point guard, shooting guard, small forward, power forward and center.’

In addition to the game there will be a three-point shoot-out and a slam dunk contest. Unlike the all-star game those contests will see two representatives from every division one side competing.

For CIBA Technical Director Victor ‘Voot’ O’Garro the all-star game should see plenty of highlights.

‘The players will definitely be playing to win and they will have fun showing off their offensive moves. You can expect to see more offense than defense on display with fancy dunks and what have you. At the same time the players will not try to injure themselves as they want to avoid injury for the upcoming semi-finals.

‘All in all the public can expect a crowd-pleasing game that will be heavily-contested.’