Dart helps Miss Lassie’s house

The Dart Foundation has made a donation to the Save Miss Lassie’s House project in the amount of $25,000.

dart helps miss lassie

Dart Realty Communications Manager Susanna de Saram is shown the ongoing work by CNCF Artistic Director Henry Muttoo and CNCF Board Member Morgan DaCosta (foreground).

The money will go toward continuing assessment of the house by building and art restoration experts and ongoing reconstruction work.

Two Cuban experts had previously begun the first phase of the assessment aspect of the project.

Dr. Isabel Rigol, an expert in the restoration of buildings and Dr. Elisa Serrano, an expert in conservation and restoration of pictorial heritage and mural art advised the Cayman National Cultural Foundation on what was needed to save the house for future generations.

Work on the building continues with construction crews from Phoenix Construction working on weekends.