Racers broken by Breakers closing

News of Breakers Speedway closing is hurting its frequent users.

Last week Speedway owner Robert Campbell announced the facility would be closed for at least three months for a variety of reasons.

Racers around Cayman are saddened with the notion there will be no where to run their cars flat out in a straight line for the next few months.

Among them is Kevin Johnson. Johnson, who owns a white race-ready Mitsubishi Evolution III, is a frequent competitor at the track.

Though Johnson’s mind is on an upcoming series of races in Jamaica his heart is clearly caught up in the loss of Breakers.

‘It doesn’t feel good hearing it’s closed. I’m disappointed because there are so many race cars now that can’t race. For me it was a major form of entertainment. Going to Breakers was the equivalent of my past-time, my hobby.

‘I used to go there every weekend. Now it looks like I need to find another hobby here.’

Regardless of the machine chosen to race at Breakers, the closing of the facility now presents the question of what racers (especially younger ones) will do now.

Local motorbike racer Ross Hydes is among those worried about what will happen to his love for motor sports going forward.

‘I’m shocked right now. That was the little thing I could do on a Saturday night with my friends that was positive and fun.

‘I don’t want Breakers to close down. Racing there helped me take out stress and it meant a lot to me. It was something I looked forward to every week. Now me and my friends are asking ourselves what are we going to do now?’

Even the older, more experienced drivers are concerned with the after-effects of its closing.

Junior Hydes, who has a pair of dedicated race cars, wonders where kids will put their desire to race.

‘I’m in a little different position from most of the racers in Cayman. I have something to do in the next couple weeks as I’m competing in some races in Jamaica.

‘But nonetheless I’m disappointed to say the least. I’m sure many drivers are asking themselves ‘what to do now?’ Breakers meant a lot to me and more so to the younger kids. All I know is a lot of racing went off the street and onto the track when Breakers was open and I hope that doesn’t change now.’

Dail Davis, who owns a 1989 Ford Mustang that makes over 700hp, is also concerned about the youth.

‘The biggest impact from it will be on the guys that went there all the time. I know those guys and I’m wondering what they are going to do.

‘For me it’s not a big deal. My car is not a road-worthy car and I don’t run it on the track too often anyway. For the more mature drivers the track being closed two to three months means we’ll still be ok.’

On the other hand there are some drivers, like Joe Myrie Powell, that feel the closing is a good thing.

‘I feel good he’s renovating it though I have doubts about Campbell’s organizing skills. I’d organize a couple of races down the line if the track doesn’t open up on time.

‘I’m the unofficial organizer for the muscle guys them and Campbell can’t organize like me. A couple of guys have already called me last week about putting on a race on the track.’