Watching government

Well, the election is over. What’s next?

I arrived in Cayman last August. I am the child of Caymanian parents who after living my entire life in New York City decided to reside here.

The election since I arrived has been the No. 1 topic of interest for most that I spoke with. After Obama’s victory in the States, I looked forward to the election here.

Seeing first hand how the people can become energised by a candidate, I came here looking to see who could energise me.

Unfortunately my Cayman status/residency was not approved in time for me to vote, still I followed this election closely.

From neighbourhood to neighbourhood the opinions I heard varied. I did my best to follow the political news. I knew one candidate personally, Dr. Frank McField and had a long chat with another, Burns Connelly.

Still if I had an actual vote this time around I’m not sure for whom I would have cast it. What I can say is four years from now I’ll surely be casting my vote. That’s my warning to the new government.

I’m here in Cayman and I demand representation. I have a fresh open mind to The UDP. Let’s see what they do. Remember. I’ll be watching.

Tyris General