Attorneys sought in Estella case

Kirkland Henry and Prinston Ricketts appeared in Grand Court on May 22 to be arraigned on charges of murder and sexual assault of women’s and children’s activist Estella Scott-Roberts.

Both accused sat in the dock as attorneys discussed the issue of finding suitable representatives for them. According to statements made in open court, not many lawyers are willing to take on such an emotionally charged case and the selection process is still ongoing.

The case was adjourned until 29 May, at which time the men will elect a trial by jury or judge.

Durney Ebanks also appeared in Grand Court on 22 May for a mention. His charges stem from an alleged robbery.

During Ebanks’ appearance the court heard how the defendant had undergone a psychiatric evaluation and was deemed fit to stand trial. However a second opinion was to be sought and Ebanks ended up seeing the same doctor.

This led both the Crown and Council to decide to adjourn Friday’s proceedings until 5 June so another opinion could be sought.