Today’s Editorial for May 26: Constitution approval means changes

Whether you agree that Cayman Islands voters should have approved the modernised constitution or not, we must all now realise that change is on its way.

The next step in the process is for an Order in Council to be submitted to Her Majesty in the Privy Council for consideration at its next meeting on 10 June.

Once it is approved in the Privy Council, Governor Stuart Jack will proclaim the order in the Cayman Islands.

Thereafter the modernised Cayman Islands Constitution will be phased in.

We hope the MLAs in our new government will hold meetings in each of their districts to explain to all of us exactly what the new, modernised constitution means and does.

Borrowing from a sermon Sunday morning, it’s now time for those of us in the Cayman Islands to come together as one community and work together to make sure this new constitution works for the good of all.

While there are three islands, we are one country and as such, one community; a community that must unite for the betterment of each of us.

And while there are two political parties and those among us who will remain independent to the very end, we have to put politics aside when it comes to the issue of the constitution.

There is much about the document that many of us still do now know or can appreciate. We have to do everything we can to work together to make sure that everyone knows what is included in our constitution.

Our fate was decided when the ballots were tallied Thursday and we learned that 7,045 voters approved the modernised constitution and 4,127 voted ‘no’. The ayes have it.

Every district returned a majority in favour of constitutional modernisation.

If you still aren’t sure exactly what the modernised constitution means for you and the country, do all you can to learn more.

Constitutional Review Secretariat Susanne Bothwell will still be at the constitutional helm and play a major role in the document’s implementation.

Cayman, we will shortly have a new constitution. Through unity and courage we can help to ensure that this document works for us.