Constitution is embarrassment

It’s tragic that a constitution so embarrassingly weak in basic human rights has been accepted. The 7,000 or so people who voted ‘yes’ have hung this thing around our collective necks for a long, long time. We were constantly told leading up to the vote that we can always change it later. Don’t hold your breath.

I still can’t get over the fact that many people were so eager to accept a document that cheats them of rights that should be seen as basic in the 21st Century. They just never caught on that fundamental rights and protections from discrimination were for them too. I guess maybe they were just naive, misled, or perhaps they let their prejudices against gays cloud the big picture.

I hope they were not so clueless to believe that discrimination is not a problem here. I have friends who have suffered directly from racism and sexism in the Cayman Islands. For example, a close friend of mine who is dark skinned was turned away by a white foreign landlord because she was black.

He told her to her face that he wanted his apartment complex to look like a ‘European community’. I know many women who have endured problems in the workplace directly related to their gender. Cayman could have taken a powerful stand in our constitution against this sort of behaviour. Sadly, we did not.

Guy P. Harrison