Kudos to civil servants

As an expat worker who has been living and working here in these beautiful Islands off and on since 1984, I was greatly impressed with the efficiency of both my recent visits to some Government run facilities.

Sometimes, all public servants seem to hear is criticisms, and this time they deserve at least one man’s gratitude and accolades.

In fact, even going back to the time in the Walker’s road Licensing Office last year, every time I have encountered a Cayman Islands Government employee, I have had an excellent experience.

This last time, at Immigration, was no different. I waited not more than 10 minutes there to have a passport properly re-stamped with a new work permit grant and everything was handled so well and so efficiently I was, frankly, amazed! My sincerest congratulations to whoever runs the Government hospitals, licensing agencies, immigration, etc. Your level of service is something for many others of us in business here in Cayman to truly admire and imitate.

Thanks for many jobs “well done!”

Anthony Husemann

Principal, Triple C School