Transformers live up to their name

The Transformers have a great reputation in the WestTel Five-A-Side Football programme at King’s Sports Centre for being great sportsmen.

They have been in the tournament for five seasons, been nominated by the league as the most disciplined team three seasons running.

They are managed by an Unsung Heroes winner (in fact this current year’s recipient), has the happiest – and largest – fan base and to top it off their team is comprised of a mixture of inmates and guards from Northward Prison.

In recent times they have come under scrutiny due to their team’s makeup, and due to circumstances far beyond their control.

In their tenure within the five-a-side programme, a league that has seen its fair share of unsportsmanlike conduct from all levels of Cayman’s community, the team of prisoners have demonstrated the highest level of character and drive.

Their enthusiasm is witnessed from the staff of King’s to the players within the programme. Kenny Rankin, owner of Vibe 98.9 FM, sponsor of the Paramount All-Stars, and also a Transformers supporter, credited the team for their organization and talents.

He said: ‘They’re a fun team to watch play and a phenomenal attitude before, during and after the game.’

League director, Ray Singh said: ‘These guys are a great bunch, and they come out to have a great time. Their discipline on the pitch is far above the norm. It’s almost comical when these are the guys setting the bar for the other teams to meet!

‘The club’s president, Richard Barton, deserves praise for his work with this group. He dedicates his personal time to working with these guys, and his commitment echoes through the team’s conduct and performance at each outing.’

Sharon Lexa Lamb, the team manager, said: ‘As the next five-a-side season fast approaches, the Transformers are looking forward to a championship title this time around.

‘Having played several seasons the team now knows what is expected of them. I can only say that I am very pleased with the performance of my team to-date.

‘The players have done everything required of them and demonstrated that they have the ability and the dedication to take home the trophy.

‘Football is a mental game as much as a physical one and sports have always been a means of educating people.

‘The concept works with both kids and adults, and our guys have developed as a team both on and off the pitch.

‘They have the most to prove, and they do an excellent job each game. To all of the other teams who have shown the tolerance to allow us to participate, we appreciate the terrific sportsmanship of your players.’