Ebanks will be back

Please allow me space in your newspaper to express my sincere gratitude to the people of North Side for their support, prayers and words of encouragement during the 2009 elections.

Additionally, I wish to express my appreciation to my family, my wife, sisters, mother and cousins. To my committee, thank you, thank you, and thank you. You all stood tall and strong by my side even in defeat!

Much has been said in attempts to destroy my character, much more will be said; this, unfortunately is the nature of this business we call politics and this is my burden to bear. I say mine to bear as I seek to have those who wish to attack and ridicule me direct that at me, not my family. I chose this path, they did not.

To my supporters, the majority has spoken and we must now accept the results as dictated by democracy, but, we will not give up. Our role remains and we must continue to fight the good fight. I will not disappear as many have said, I will not forsake you. God willing we will return in 2013 and we will be victorious. The overwhelming support from so many following the results has caused me to be motivated and while I take full responsibility for this loss, we must not take the same campaign approach in the future. Our 2013 campaign began on Thursday, 21st of May at 9.30am when I began canvassing, calling, texting and sending emails.

I do not have any regrets. I do not regret taking the risk of unemployment or reduced income, I have been here before and you the people of North Side, the people of Cayman and the political philosophy of the PPM were well worth it. I will endure. I will return.

God bless,

Joseph ‘Joey’ Ebanks