Perfect opportunity to ticket

Please allow me space to request that the drivers on our roads slow down.

My partner and I cycle every morning and without fail, every morning, at least one (if we’re lucky and often it is more) crazy human being cannot resist the lure of the open road at 5.30am and gets their kicks driving at insane speeds on our roads.

My life flashed before my eyes this morning as some idiot in a white SUV flew down the Esterly Tibbetts bypass at 100mph past me – it literally took my breath away and scared me half to death.

It is only a matter of time before somebody gets killed, again.

Where anyone is going at such great speed at that hour is quite beyond me and frankly if these morons have to get their kicks speeding on the road before dawn then they clearly need to get out more (although perhaps not in their cars!)

In case any of Cayman’s finest fancy writing some easy speeding tickets our route is up West Bay Road, right at Indies Suites, all the bypasses to Bobby Thompson Way and past Agape to Walkers Road, South Church Street and then on home through George Town to West Bay Road, between 5.30am and 6.15am any day of the week!

Emma Graham-Taylor