No losers in Constitution

What a brilliant and honest editorial (26 May, Constitution approval means changes)!

All parties who that made worthwhile contributions on the constitutional debate leading up to the election and referendum should feel justly proud of the Solomonic decisions made by the Caymanian voters, as they should feel justly proud of themselves.
It is the proof of the maturing of the democratic process in Cayman that those of us who have been more concerned with voter education on all the implications of a new constitution have been involved and concerned with.

The 1/3 percentage of 4,000 odd people are a sizable minority who now realise that it is their job to act as the gate keepers of the new constitutional implementation. The same role should now apply to the PPM Opposition, which should feel justly proud of having their hard work approved by the voters, in spite of having the implementation responsibilities handed over to others.

The entire process bodes well for Cayman as a democracy and the injunction of the Caymanian Compass to continue the education process it has taken very seriously.

There have been no losers in this respect and the Caymanian people are all winners, in my humble opinion.

Ricardo Tatum