Today’s Editorial June 01: Get clean, new Government

Throughout the campaigning leading up to the 20 May election we heard candidate after candidate vow to make the Cayman Islands more environmentally friendly.

It’s something of which we should all be conscious.

As you can see from an article on the front page of today’s Caymanian Compass, Cayman Free Press has taken a step to keep harmful chemicals out of the environment of Grand Cayman.

We have installed a computer to plate production line for our newspaper operations. It follows on a similar measure we took last year for our commercial print and magazine production areas.

By using the computer to plate method we are doing away with the film that was used to make the plates. The film, which is an industry standard, unfortunately creates chemicals when mixed with the aluminium plates. Those chemicals can pose a danger to the environment.

We are constantly looking for ways at Cayman Free Press to be more environmentally friendly.

There are many other companies throughout the Cayman Islands that have also stepped up the green plate. To them, we say thank you.

Now it’s Government’s turn.

In his speech on Wednesday Leader of Government Business and Premier Designate McKeeva Bush called the landfill ‘wholly unacceptable’.

We concur, but we have to admit Mount Trashmore has been wholly unacceptable for many, many years; not just the past four.

One of the reasons this new Government was put in office was to clean up Mount Trashmore and take environmental issues in the Cayman Islands seriously.

Time for talking about trash in the Cayman Islands has come to an end. It is now time for action.

We hope Mr. Cline Glidden has broad shoulders, as he has been given responsibility of the landfill.

We implore you, Mr. Glidden and the new Government, begin action immediately on a viable recycling programme and come up with a working solution to end the growing mound of Mount Trashmore. Please don’t waste time conducting more studies or talking with consultants; that’s been done to death. Show us you are serious about our environment.

As Mr. Mike Adam said, don’t think about the next election. Think about the next generation.