Recycling could help tourism

I recently moved to Canada to go to university and I’ve been reading all the letters about Mount Trashmore.

Of course everyone knows there’s recycling up here and I’ve been participating in it.

I think Cayman really needs to start doing it too. You don’t realise how much you’re throwing away until you go through it and pick out the stuff that isn’t actually garbage. Three quarters of Mount Trashmore could’ve been recycled. It takes an extra couple minutes out of your life yet you’re doing so much good.

How about someone get started on our own recycling plant so we don’t have to send it all away. Instead of building that horrid cruise ship dock why not spend that money on something that will actually be useful; something that will benefit the Islands instead of destroy it.

You can spend all the money you want on tourism, but not very many people will continue going there if half the Island is a landfill.

Arian James