Blackberry experts trained

Two LIME staff were among the first in the world to be trained on the latest BlackBerry software, just in time to help pass their knowledge along to the public in the first Learn All session on the new Storm phone.

Enterprise Engineer Jonathan Martin and Mobile Sales Technician Carl Solomon trained on BlackBerry Administrator for the latest versions of Blackberry Enterprise Server software recently in Florida.

The two men joined 13 LIME colleagues from around the Caribbean for a three-day course on how to use the applications to benefit customers.

On Wednesday, 3 June, the telecommunications company will host the first ‘Storm’ of the season, a Learn All BlackBerry Storm session at the LIME’s Galleria store.

The software package on which Mr. Martin and Mr. Solomon trained is part of the BlackBerry wireless platform which can connect to messaging and collaboration software on enterprise networks to synchronise email and the Personal Information Manager between desktop and mobile software, the company said.

Mr. Martin’s focus for LIME in the Cayman Islands is on enterprise customers while Mr. Solomon deals mostly with small-to- medium business customers.

Mr. Solomon said: ‘I understand even more that BlackBerry is not just e-mail and this training has given me the extra confidence to help my customers get the most out of their BlackBerries.

‘I can now come up with better solutions that will meet my customers’ business needs and help them properly integrate BlackBerry into their business portfolio.’

While in Florida, both LIME employees attended the Wireless Enterprise Symposium at the Marriott Convention Centre in Orlando where industry innovators and leaders shared insights on the BlackBerry platform, as well as a wide range of other wireless products and services.

Mr. Martin said: ‘We got to hear some of the new ways applications being used by leading companies from all over the world. I learned about new development-accelerating tools and BlackBerry smartphone applications that enable mobile productivity in ways organisations may not have thought about.

‘I learned about the latest tips and tricks for building and using applications for the BlackBerry platform. For a techie like me it was fascinating and I can’t wait to put what I have learned into practice here with my customers.’

LIME’s Cayman Islands Country Manager Tony Ritch said the course was an opportunity for the local technicians to be some of the first to be trained on the technology.

‘Our customers expect us to be first with leading edge technology and also to be knowledgeable about our products and this training delivers on both fronts. Our guys came back fired up and excited, ready to help customers with their most demanding application needs,’ he said,

Mr. Ritch added that everyone was invited to the Learn-All BlackBerry Storm session, which starts at 5.30pm Wednesday.

‘We are inviting everyone to come along if you have recently purchased a Storm or if you are thinking about buying a Storm. This is the time to come out and talk to the experts.

‘Carl and Jonathan will be at our LIME store to answer your questions and to help you download applications that will help you to get the best out of this mobile device.’