New Mt. Trashmore developing

I have to respond to the letter about Grand Cayman being too trashy as the topic is one that is raised frequently by a lot of expats.

There is a group of us that plays beach volleyball on Public Beach every weekend. Ever since the cabanas were put up the state of the beach has deteriorated every week to the extent that it now looks like a mini Mt. Trashmore.

You find anything from balloons, plastic bags, plastic knives and forks, chicken bones, pieces of left over meat, napkins, plastic cups, bottles and cans lying everywhere. You then go for a swim and you see all those things under water. It is disgusting.

I could understand it if there were no dustbins, but there is one at every cabana. Yet every weekend there is more and more rubbish lying on the ground. Sadly, my friends and I are the ones who run around collecting balloons or paper plates etc that are flying away toward the sea – the people having the BBQ couldn’t care less.

But wait, there’s more. Now those same BBQ people are dumping their hot coals in the sand when its time to go home so now, not only is it dangerous for people to be walking on the beach after dark, the lovely white sand is slowly turning black!

It’s fantastic to have shade on Public Beach but something has to be done about this problem, and soon. If the expats think it’s disgusting, what must the tourists think?

Who knows maybe Public Beach will become the new Mt. Trashmore (without the height) by the end of the year. Now that would be something for Caymanians to be proud of don’t you think?

Helga Sergel