Guys and gals and eating out

Most of us like to eat out. At least I do. Somebody serves you good food after a long day, no dishes to clean up, and just a bill to pay and you are on your way.

Eating out may currently be a special treat for many of you budget-minded folks. For others, the pleasure of being at home and cooking good food from the basics up is a form of art, relaxation and family time, so eating out lacks appeal.

For a segment of our society, eating out and purchasing food to take home is a common, if not daily, practice.

An issue in one of our lifestyle classes brought this topic to mind.

What should we do when we are coming towards the end of the day, planning to go for a walk, swim or any type of badly-needed exercise after work, and your partner, friend, or mate calls up and asks when and where you can meet for dinner, and how about right now! For some busy downtown professionals, this is a popular Cayman fashion.

Arriving for dinner without the badly needed exercise to lift spirits, energy and metabolism after a day ‘at work’ can cause a spin-off into choices of food and beverage that are harmful. Feeling sluggish and tired, we might just order foods that make us feel sluggish and tired, mainly fried foods.

My advice is that you have a plan of action in advance, so that you can respond in a positive way yet meet your own goals as well. Do the exercise first and then have dinner.

In all my years of experience as a weight-loss consultant, truly successful people prove to be the ones who do it all. They don’t forsake what they need to be successful – such as exercise – for a fun social life; they do both.

Go for a swim, run, walk or bike-ride before the social event. Plan your day to keep your date with vital fitness activity. Leave work on time. Take your gear with you and just do it. Your partner will respect your stance, you will feel better about yourself and both needs will be met.

So whether you are the person wanting to exercise or the person wanting dinner, make allowances for your partner’s needs, maybe join them for exercise before dinner as well. What a beautiful date that makes.

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