Taxi fares tourism detriment

What the taxi companies are quoting to the reporter who wrote the story about charges to the Eastern Districts and what they are charging are two different things.

Last time I took a taxi to my villa, in September, from the airport — the fare was $75 plus $5 per bag. I had two bags and a carry-on — he charged me $15 for them. So: $90 for one person, one way! It’s outrageous.

Ever try calling a taxi to come and pick you up in the East End? Don’t bother – they either tell you they don’t do pick-ups in the East End, or they say they will and you’re still waiting two hours later.

I’d really like to know what happens to those busses that leave George Town every 15 minutes for the East End. Only one goes by my villa an hour, usually on the hour (and no, I have never seen any others go by — the bus runs once an hour and not necessarily an hour apart).

It unquestionably is a deterrent to tourism in the East End. No doubt about it.

Lisa S. White