Cayman Day celebrations

A number of students at Cayman Prep are now better aware of local heritage and culture as a result of Wednesday’s Cayman Day, held at the school.

The lessons in past traditional practices saw a number of students learning from older citizens what Cayman cultural heritage was all about.

Teachers and students participated in traditional Maypole dancing, ring games, story telling, as well as showcasing Cayman’s culinary heritage.

Inside the classrooms local seniors, who had volunteered their time and expertise, demonstrated traditional arts. These included thatch plaiting, basket weaving, catboat building as well as singing old time songs.

For many of the students the highlight of Cayman Day was seeing classmates and teachers wearing the yesteryear look. Students sported pirates’ costumes, thatch hats, plaid dresses, hand baskets, flip-flops, straw hats, whompers and rolled up pants.

The Cayman culinary display, which students ate, included food items such as potato pudding, cassava cake, fish and fritters washed down with tamarind juice.

Students also enjoyed cultural music played by the kitchen band Swanky. Year Four student Ayanda Jones said: ‘Swanky played about four songs. It was cool. We clapped along, it was totally different from the music me and my friends usually listen to.’