Nature’s Pearl launches new line of health products

Nature’s Pearl Corporation has launched its new line of health products, Nature’s Pearl Premium Muscadine Grape Supplement, and ToxicFree Skin Care Line. Nature’s Pearl kicked off its international sales in Grand Cayman, on Thursday 23 April at the Marriott Beach Resort with over 50 attendees. Nature’s Pearl has over 1,500 independent distributors in the U.S.

Nature’s Pearl Corporation is a producer of Muscadine products and says it has paved the way for scientific advancement on the nutraceutical value and potential health benefits of the Muscadine Grape.

A press release states Nature’s Pearl is the only company in the industry to have human clinical trials proving the positive effects on the human body. It states that studies show that the phenolic compounds found in Nature’s Pearl help with heart health, blood sugar, fatigue, sexual health, and the prevention of cancer just to name a few.

The release states Nature’s Pearl has chosen the method of direct sales to market their products for two main reasons.

‘The first reason is simply to educate consumers. Nature’s Pearl distributors can educate others one on one about the health benefits of the product. This special attention to education can not be obtained through traditional retail sales,’ it states.

‘The second reason is to offer individuals a chance to earn extra income and the possibility of long-term wealth.’

‘The Grand Cayman launch was a huge success, the support given by Joseph Hamilton, Mike Simmons, and Omeria Gordon was a large part of the success. We look forward to the unlimited possibilities to improve health and wealth in the Caymans,’ said Brock Agee, president of Nature’s Pearl.

Nature’s Pearl has expanded its network marketing business internationally in eight months and has recently developed an entire Muscadine skin care line to support its grape seed supplement. Nature’s Pearl Corporation is privately owned by Jerry W. Smith, who also owns Le Bleu Corporation, a North Carolina based beverage company producer of bottled waters.