Make day big

Father’s Day is a great day for dads but it can have its awkward moments.

Good fathers know how to fake a sincere smile when they receive a hideous tie.

But focusing on the thought behind the gift doesn’t lessen the frustration of knowing that just about anything would have been better.

Most kids want to please their dad on Father’s Day.

Like grownups, however, they can be uncertain about what to give.

Blowing $10 for a Father’s Day gift may not seem like a big deal from the perspective of an adult but to a child that probably feels more like $10,000.

A child’s life savings deserves a better fate than to be blown on a tie that no sane man would ever wear in public.

The following is a list of ideas for can’t-miss Father’s Day gifts that mom might want to suggest:

• Buy Dad lunch

A simple lunch, on the kid, can be a beautiful moment for both the child and the father.

It can make the child feel like a big shot and it can make the dad feel truly loved. They can sit and talk for an hour about life, their relationships or the latest trends in the video game industry.

Sometimes it is the simple moments-like a casual lunch on a special day-that become the memories that last a lifetime.

•?Give Dad a personalized card

Younger children can touch Dad’s heart by producing their won Father’s Day card.

Be colourful, write a message on it and maybe include a hand print, too.

• ?Produce an ‘I Love You’ video. With mom’s supervision, kids can make their own video message to dad if they have access to a video camera.

This shouldn’t become a major production.

Don’t try to be Spielberg. Just come up with an outline, keep the camera stable, look into the lens and tell Dad how much he means to you.

Two things are guaranteed about this gift: He will cry and he will cherish it forever.

• ?Cook Dad dinner

With a guiding hand from Mom, kids might consider cooking dinner for Dad.

Just keep it simple, don’t drop any of it on the floor and he will love it.