Flight crew’s performance excellent

This letter is in reference to the article about the Cayman Airways flight, last week that lost cabin pressure.

I was a passenger, sitting in first class, right next to the flight crew. I will admit I was concerned – as anyone would be.

It is true some of us did text ‘goodbye’ to our family – I was one of them.

Please note, the flight crew and especially Captain Joey Jackson, did a great job.

I remember when Cayman Airways opened its doors (1972) and was on the inaugural flight and I am proud of their history of excellent service.

Anyone who would condemn the flight crew or Cayman Airways for what happened is ignorant and not looking at the important point – which is that we arrived safe and sound.

Did they want the crew to take time to talk to us or to address the mechanical problem we were experiencing?

Their job was to keep us safe and that is what they did!

I will remain a loyal Cayman Airways customer! Congrats and thank you to the entire flight crew and especially Captain Jackson.

Doe Bonafide Schubert