Third swine flu case

Health officials on Wednesday confirmed the Cayman Islands’ third H1N1 swine flu case.

Officials said the child is a classmate of a First Baptist Christian School student, who was last week confirmed as Cayman’s first swine flu case.

Dr. Greg Hoeksema, the Health Services Authority’s Medical Director, said the child experienced only mild symptoms and is now recovering well in home isolation.

‘Like most cases around the globe, the child is an uncomplicated and mild case and has required no treatment other than tender love and care and the help of Mother Nature,’ he said.

The latest confirmed case was one of seven results received from the Caribbean Epidemiology Centre in Trinidad Tuesday night.

A further 12 tests results from people connected to the school are expected back Wednesday night.

‘We are fully expecting some of these cases to come back positive,’ Dr. Hoeksema said, adding that human-to-human transmission of the virus has clearly begun locally.

Now that the virus has jumped the containment fence, health officials agree there is little they can do to stop it spreading locally. But they hope to be able to slow it by convincing sick people to stay home from work.

‘If you are sick and have the flu, just stay home and let yourself get better,’ Dr. Hoeksema said, adding that health officials will only use the antiviral Tamiflu on high risk cases.