Gym celebrates crystal anniversary

World Gym will celebrate its 15-year anniversary in Grand Cayman this Saturday.

As part of the celebration, the gym has undergone a complete transformation in recent weeks, unveiling a more spacious and updated layout.

‘We have to change with the times and keep exercise options growing. Our members are always excited to see the changes we continue to make,’ said World Gym Manager Tertius Broderick.

‘We renovate and make changes every year, but this year we know we have gotten it right and we are ready for our 15-year anniversary this weekend.’

The goal to be ‘today’s gym’ is included in World Gym’s mission statement and the newest upgrade to the facilities has sought to achieve just that.

Identifying the various ways in which different people like to work out, the gym has been separated into different zones that feature the equipment necessary for the various forms of exercise.

For example, in place of where the spa used to be, 900 square feet of Cybex circuit training machines are now available for use for those who wish to focus on a set circuit for their workout.

Others, who prefer to move around free of machines and train through various ranges of motion without danger of collision, can use the functional training area, which allows for skipping, plyometrics, a training lane and a variety of personal training and technical equipment.

Weight training equipment is available for use in a separate zone, as are cardio machines.

Aerobic classes take place in one of the gym’s three studios. Spinning classes, called Group Ride classes, take place in a designated room equipped with stationary bikes, while Group Kick, Group Step, Group Centergy (a combination of yoga, tai chi and Pilates) and Group Power (weight training) classes take place in the other two studios.

Classes are included in a gym membership and the latest class to be introduced to the schedule is Zumba, a Latin dance group fitness class that was recently introduced to Cayman through a series of Zumba events at World Gym.

‘We are always on the lookout for new and interesting ways to entertain and exercise our members so that they can come to the gym and leave their daily worries and work behind,’ said Mr. Broderick.

‘We just want them to come back year after year and really feel a part of World Gym.’

Another initiative of the gym is the promotion of Body Bugg, a piece of equipment that, when strapped to the exerciser’s arm, tracks the amount of calories the body burns in a day. The Bugg can then be plugged into a computer and all of the daily caloric burn data is automatically uploaded into the person’s Body Bugg account. A station has been set up in the gym with a computer so that people can simply plug their Body Buggs in after working out. The Body Bugg is also available for purchase from World Gym.

If exercisers don’t wish to purchase the Bugg equipment, they can sign up for a free account and manually enter their workouts and food consumption in order to track their calorie balance.

The gym has also responded to recent global concerns about hygiene due to the swine flu outbreaks. It has invested in hand sanitiser dispensers which have been installed throughout the gym, and has even installed an antibacterial synthetic turf instead of carpeting in the stretch area, which aids in keeping the area more hygienic when used by several people.

On Friday night, the gym will celebrate with a pre-launch from 4pm to 6pm at World Gym with music spun by DJ Alexi. Special prices on memberships will be available during this time.

Saturday morning will start off early, at 6.30am, with a three-mile run from World Gym. Registration is free and includes a t-shirt. At 9am, the fun will continue with a bench press competition and at 10.30am a plyometrics challenge will begin, challenging exercisers to maximise the number of push-ups, step-ups and sit-ups they can do, finishing with a sudden death contest to reveal a winner. This will be followed by a banana-eating competition in which the winner will receive $50 in cash for eating three bananas in the fastest time.

For more information, call World Gym at 949-5132.

World Gym:

The gym has undergone a renovation in advance of its 15-year crystal anniversary celebration, which will be held tomorrow.

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