Cayman preps for hurricane season

The Cayman Islands celebrated a National Day of Preparedness yesterday.

Hazard Management Cayman Islands urged residents to update their family plan, restock their first-aid kit and their supplies of non-perishable food.

Deputy Director of Preparedness Omar Afflick said being prepared would lead more peace of mind.

If you get ready now you reap the benefits later in the season,’ he said. ‘No battling traffic; no long lines at the stores; less tension.’

Statistically September is the peak month of the hurricane season, but early and late season storms sometimes form in the western Caribbean. When this occurs, the lead time for preparation can be quite short.

‘Don’t get caught out,’ cautioned Mr. Afflick. ‘Set aside enough food and water for 5 to 7 days. If you have a generator try to get it serviced and check your shutters, sometimes rust and debris can accumulate in the tracks and this sometimes makes them hard to install.’

Other suggestions included checking on insurance policies to ensure they are current, removing debris from the yard and trimming back trees.