Progress made in getting attorneys

Some progress has been made in the effort to secure representation for at least one of the men charged with the murder of Estella Scott-Roberts.

Larry Prinston Ricketts and Kirkland Henry appeared in Grand Court on Friday before Justice Leighton Pusey.

The judge spoke to Attorney Ben Tonner, who represents Henry but had asked to come off record because no legal aid had been forthcoming for a senior counsel (Caymanian Compass, 8 June).

Justice Pusey said he was able to indicate that Chief Justice Anthony Smellie had not been seized of the matter. Once counsel is identified and submitted, the matter will get ‘earnest consideration,’ he told Mr. Tonner. He added that this was not a matter in which the legal aid system was going to be inflexible.

Mr. Tonner asked if this meant the name of a specific counsel was wanted.

The judge said yes. He hoped the matter would proceed as quickly as possible and Mr. Tonner would be able to proceed in a manner he was comfortable with.

He also agreed that the trial date of 3 August might be difficult, especially because Ricketts does not have an attorney. He did have, but dismissed him in a letter saying they did not see eye to eye.

Justice Pusey told both defendants, ‘We are trying to make sure you have suitable counsel.’

The men are to return to court on 3 July, at which time it is expected that the trial date will be either confirmed or delayed.

The charge against Ricketts and Henry is that they both, on or about Saturday 11 October in West Bay, murdered Estella Scott-Roberts. They entered pleas of not guilty in January.

They have been in custody since their arrest on 27 October.