Anger’s last fight

It’s a tough thing when anyone leaves the island for good.

No matter the reason they are bound to have struck an accord with residents on some level, making the change anything but routine.

Thus it is a notable occurrence that Todd ‘The Anger’ Stewart is set to leave Cayman for good next Friday.

Stewart is being affected by the roll-over policy and is set to return to his native Canada with his family.

Todd is a notable face in Cayman for more than one reason. During the day he can be seen manning the bar and serving patrons at the Doghouse Sports bar.

In the evenings he devotes hours to training and keeping himself in shape, primarily in mixed martial arts.

In fact Stewart has such a diverse and exhaustive sporting background he was named one of Cayman’s unofficial fittest athletes in April this year.

Todd may be leaving Cayman shortly but he is set to give Cayman one last glimpse of ‘The Anger’ at King’s Sports Centre tomorrow night.

That is because Stewart is competing at the Proving Ground V MMA event.

The match was slated to be at the Doghouse. However the sports bar will instead feature the weigh-ins at 6pm tonight.

Stewart is slated to take on Peter ‘Lightning’ Lewison in a grudge match. The match is the third in the series between the two fighters. Stewart won the first two matches, with the second one having an extra round spectacle that came down to points and awarded a draw.

Stewart is part of local MMA fight group team Ironshore. The team consists primarily of Ronny Carroll, Owen Latty, Jon Mack, Yasmin Muratagic, Troy O’Neil, Leif Ristimaki and Stewart.

Stewart is not the only member of the group fighting tomorrow night. Carroll is slated to battle Caymanian Flloyd Moxam for the newly introduced welterweight title in a five minute, three round bout.

Carroll spoke about his feelings leading up to the fight.

‘It has been an extremely humbling process. A lot of sacrifices were made for this event. It has been an awesome journey for me personally and I’m a better person because of my Ironshore team-mates. I’m just happy to support a cause for real fighters in the form of the Cancer Society and cancer patients.’

Both men, well into their 30s, finished off their training earlier in the week. The duo focused primarily on ground fighting and showcased a number of manoeuvres including arm-bars, chokeholds and leg locks.

In addition the group practised some jujitsu moves as they looked to sharpen their punches and overall striking ability.

Even with a tough battle upcoming Stewart’s mind is on the memories he has had in Cayman and the people that have supported him along the way.

‘Every one trained hard and it’s for the beauty of the sport. We’re all Canadian guys and we want to support the Cayman Islands Cancer Society. I thank all of my friends and family for their support.

‘I would also thank all of the people in the community that have helped me along the way including Ernest Ebanks, Carla Palmeri, Mike Webster of Cayman Insurance Centre, Body Sculptors and Trenchless Tech.’